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“Can’t everyone just do what I want them to do, so that everything runs more smoothly?” This is a thought we have probably all had when faced with one of life’s innumerable rhetorical situations. Whether it’s managers who need to be persuaded, employees who need to be inspired, customers who need to buy your product, clients who need to be managed, colleagues who need to be impressed, partners, friends and children – in an ideal world they would all do as YOU suggest.

You have the floor. Now all you have to do is ignore your nerves and appear well-informed, prepared, brilliant, humble, persuasive, inviting, empathetic, compassionate, articulate and preferably funny too – but without coming across as a know-it-all. Easy, huh?

We at Falkman Råd & Retorik love rhetorical situations – especially yours!



“KTH PhD students have really been inspired by Elinor’s creative and constructive feedback on their work. Dry and arcane scientific presentations have become lively and comprehensible. Training in rhetoric has even re-shaped the way some of our students approach their research. I highly recommend Falkman Råd och Retorik!”
– Rebecca Hincks, Associate Professor and Director of KTH Language and Communication


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Falkman Råd & Retorik’s open rhetoric courses are returning in the fall. See the full calender for 2015 here.

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Puff – Just nu

Elinor Falkman returns as a judge in the radio and television success Retorikmatchen. Read more about the program and see the show at UR.